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Well, we were holding off on posting until we had a clear idea of what would happen.

We went to Rhode Island for Anne to receive a cutting-edge therapy for her pain.  (Find out more about it here.)  The therapy takes at least two weeks.  For the first week she appeared to be getting better!

But then she got very sick with an infection and we had to take her to the ER. She had a fever over 104.  She is now in the ICU at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.  After she is fully treated we will begin the therapy sessions again.



Anne had her gall bladder removed on Monday.  It was not working at all.  We are not sure if that was a cause of her problems, but it had to come out anyway.  While she was under, the gastric pacemaker that was put in last January was removed (http://wp.me/p1SlrL-4l).  It did not help her and it needed to be removed if we are to pursue another possible treatment.

So far there is not much improvement, but may still be having pain and nausea due to the surgery.

Moment of Prayer Scheduled


For Immediate Release

Date:  October 17, 2012

Contact:  Margo Haut 269-2741

Lisa Johnson 320-1187

Nellie Degen 320-5440

Bonnie Laber 269-4210

We invite everyone in the Jamestown & surrounding community to join together on October 21st at 11:30am in a moment of prayer and special thoughts for 15 year old Anne Dodson, daughter of Chris and Rosalie Dodson. This is the greatest gift we can all do for one another. We appreciate your prayers at home or at your church. Area churches have been asked to support this time and date in their worship services.

Anne continues to suffer from a chronic illness. This illness has escalated that it has prevented her from attending school this year. She is very frail at this time. This illness has caused numerous hospital visits on a regular basis. Anne has had 5 surgeries, been in 9 different facilities in 7 states this past year. We appreciate your prayers for Anne and her family.

We appreciate those who are supporting us and those that have contacted us in their support and participation.  They are:  First United Methodist, the State Hospital Chaplaincy ministry, Concordia, Grace Episcopal, St. James Basilica, St. Margaret’s Buchanan and the Fargo Diocesan Office.  We look forward to hearing from other area churches and groups that will join in this special event.  If you would like to participate contact Bonnie Laber at 252-0119 or 269-4210 or at parish@csicable.net

*It is our understanding this is the first out reach of prayer as a whole Stutsman County Community for a young person that has been done.

October 17, 2012

Rough and Busy Week

Anne has had a rough and busy week.

Monday a.m: Drive to Fargo (100 miles) to catch plane to Cleveland.  Her condition: sick.

Monday afternoon: Arrive in Cleveland.  Still sick.

Monday night: Very sick at hotel.

Tuesday: Visit to the Cleveland Clinic as a preliminary visit for its pain rehabilitation clinic.  Conclusion: She is too underweight and undernourished to participate in the program.  (Not surprising since she has not eaten anything for several weeks.  it would have been nice to had known the criteria before we flew the three of us to Cleveland and back.)

Tuesday afternoon: Take cab from clinic to airport and wait for plane. Still sick.

Tuesday evening: Fly back to Fargo.  Sick the whole time.

Tuesday night: Drive back to Jamestown. Arrive about midnight.

Wednesday: Wake up and drive to Fargo for another appointment.  Gets very sick on drive back. Up all night.

Thursday: Drive back to Fargo for a “nerve block.”  Sick the whole time.  We thought it was a short procedure. We get there and find out that it was not scheduled for that day and would take much longer.  The doctor, however, graciously squeezed us in. (How often does that happen?)

On the way, we get a call and are told that Anne’s potassium is too low.  At first they told us that she needs to take potassium pills every four hours.  We had to explain that she can’t take anything, which is why her potassium is low.  Solution: after the nerve block procedure she will need to go to the ER and get it by IV.

Thursday afternoon: Anne has the nerve block procedure.

Thursday evening: Anne stays at the Fargo hospital for observation and to get the potassium.

Thursday night: Drive back to Jamestown.  Anne is still sick.  Arrive about midnight.

Friday early hours: Anne in severe pain.  No sleep.

Friday 6:00 am. Wake up and drive to Jamestown hospital for surgery.  Anne gets a J-tube so she can receive food and hydration directly.  All the time before and after the surgery she is in severe pain.  After the surgery she has double the pain – the normal pain and the surgery pain.

Saturday early hours: Anne finally falls asleep.

Going to Cleveland

Anne is going to the Cleveland Clinic for an assessment on Tuesday.  It will be one day.  If all goes as planned she will return the following week to begin three weeks of treatment.

At mayo again

We are at the Mayo Clinic For a day of tests. And was too sick to drive here so Father CHENEY  flew us.  An was a trooper. She threw up through all the tests but stuck through it.



Five Weeks – No Answers

We’ve been at the Mayo Clinic for five weeks and really don’t have any answers.

Anne has one more appointment scheduled today.  If nothing new comes of that, we will head home.

In the meantime, she is very sick (severe pain and vomiting for the last 24 hours.)  We may have to drive home with her in that state.  Unlike in North Dakota, the Mayo System will not admit her to the hospital just because she is very sick.  It does not matter if she is dehydrated, vomiting blood, and has had no sleep for days.  We went through a similar period last week.  She had to suffer at the Ronald McDonald House until it passed (six days.)

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