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It has been a long time since we updated this page.  Unfortunately, that does not mean Anne is fine.

She came back from Rhode Island at the end of January, still sick.

She has some good days (some pain, some pain meds needed), some great days (no pain, can visit friends) and very bad days (nothing helps, vomiting, etc.)  Since the doctors seem to be without any solutions, Anne is focusing on using hypnosis, relaxation techniques, and pure will power to try to live with the pain.  Hopefully, the good days will increase in number.

She is still on a feeding tube and does not eat or drink anything orally.  She is doing some schooling homebound.

We just take one day at a time.


Thank you – Update with Pictures

On Saturday a group from the church came to our house to help finish some landscaping projects we had started before Annie became ill.

We were getting worried that the work would not be finished before the snow falls.  Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible.

Dog helps stomach to setter down

Dr. Fleisher brought his semi-retired therapy dog to visit Anne today. He heard how much Anne likes animals.

Anne’s condition has been touch and go today, but on the diagnosis and treatment end, we are making progress.

Fund Established

Friends have set up a fund to help with the costs of Anne’s care. You can donate by PayPal using the button below or go to any Wells Fargo Bank branch and ask to donate to the “Annie Dodson” fund.

By the Numbers – As of October 23

Days since Anne became sick: 73

Days hospitalized since: 59

Hospitals: 5, some more than once

Number of states in which hospitalized: 4

Ambulance trips: 3

Miles traveled by parents: about 5900 so far

Total medical bills: Who knows yet.  Thank the Lord, we have health insurance that covers most of it.

Days attended school: 4

School days missed: 32

Days Rosi and Chris have been together at home: Very few

Setback and Turnaround

Anne left the hospital yesterday at 6:15 pm. When we got outside of Independence, Missouri, she got sick. We gave her some medicine and that seemed to help for awhile. We found a motel north of Kansas City and during the night she became very sick, vomiting every ten to fifteen minutes.

We had to turn around in the morning and head back to Columbia with her vomiting the whole time.

She’s now admitted.

Rosi has to be back in North Dakota in the morning, so has immediately got back on the road. This means Chris is in Columbia without a car.

Keep praying for all of us.

Doing Fine, Still in Missouri

Anne has been doing fine.   If she continues to do well she may go home soon.

She is no longer connected to any tubes and can get up and around.  She is trying to do school work.

Anne’s aunt Sandra is German and with the use of Skype they were able to go over Anne’s German assignments.

We had a tutor connected to the Jefferson City School District come in and help her with Algebra.  The Columbia School District would not provide anyone, even if our school district paid for it.  Thanks goes out to Mike Hoey, the director of the Missouri Catholic Conference, for placing some calls and getting that done.

Mike and his wife also came up from “Jeff City” and took us to dinner.

Thanks also goes out to Joel Melarvie, chancellor of the Bismarck Diocese, who made some calls to make sure that an Eucharistic Minister visited Anne.  Speaking of the Bismarck Diocese, on Wednesday we learned that Pope Benedict appointed Msgr. David Kagen of Rockford, Illinois as the new bishop of that diocese, which means that he is also Chris’ new boss (along with Bishop Aquila.)



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