A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

About Anne

Since last summer Anne has experienced complicated, severe, abdominal pain requiring almost constant hospitalization, four surgeries, and treatment, care, and tests in seven hospitals in five states.  Doctors have now discovered a gut-related autoimmune disease.

Abdominal migraines

cyclic vomiting syndrome



parineal plastic autoimmune disease

dismotility due to opiods


dysautonomia – Yes, but not the cause of the problem



Comments on: "About Anne" (6)

  1. Carol Benton said:

    Hi Chris. Frank sent me an email with this link. Sorry to hear Anne is having another tough go. I will certainly keep Anne and all of you in my prayers. I hope Anne is well and that we see all of you at the Keightley reunion in San Diego next summer.


    Carol (Keightley) Benton

  2. Kathy Keegan said:

    I just got the post from Tim. Will keep Anne and the family in my prayers. Lots of love.

  3. Anonymous said:

    We will keep Anne and your family in our prayers.

  4. Hello,
    Perhaps the following will be of help:


    May our Blessed Lady wrap Anne and your family in her mantle and keep you near her Immaculate Heart.

  5. third time’s a charm…


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