A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Good News

It is with some trepidation that I have decided to report on Anne’s progress.  “Trepidation,” because with so many dashed hopes during the last two years, we become hesitant to report any true progress.  Call it the fear of “jinxing” something.

I have not posted anything since April because nothing “new” had occurred.  We had no new treatment options and Anne was more or less not getting better, though not getting worse.  A “good” day would be a day during which she was in serious pain only once.  Most days were worse than that.  Occasionally, she might go a day without any serious pain.  She continued to be fed and hydrated only by a tube.

We stayed at her grandmother’s house on the other side of Jamestown, primarily because the water heater there is larger and Anne often copes with pain by bending over in a hot shower.  The three of us slept in a single bedroom. I slept on an air mattress.

A few weeks ago things began to change.  It would be impossible to say what caused the change, if anything.  Anne has been using hypnosis to deal with the pain and the anxiety that goes with it.  She sought and received an anointing from a priest.  A high-level Cardinal I know in Rome sought prayers from some holy persons he knows.

And then there’s Moe.

Anne has spent the last two years in hospitals, sick beds, and hotels watching Animal Planet.  Through those shows she has developed a fondness for pit bulls, which she feels are unfairly maligned.  In January, while Anne and Rosi were in Rhode Island, our Yorkshire Terrier died from old age.  Now that there was “room” for another dog, Anne wanted a pit bull.  We said that she had to get well first and, of course, she had to move out of her grandmother’s place and back to our house.

A few weeks ago we got word that the local shelter had two pit bulls mixes available.  We took a look and eventually brought home Moe. Moe – short for Mozart – is a pit bull and border collie mix.  Anne had to move home right away.  That itself was an accomplishment.  She had a few bad days, but then started to get better.  She has now gone about two weeks without any rescue medicine.  She is also beginning to eat a little – mostly ice cream.

This is probably the best she has been in the last two years.  (In fact, the whole thing began exactly two years ago to this day.)   If she continues to do well, she may attend some classes when school begins.  It would be her first time in two years.

While we know there are no guarantees, we hope and pray that she is truly on the road to recovery.



Comments on: "Good News" (5)

  1. Moe Wosepka said:

    Praise the Lord

    Moe Wosepka

  2. Emily Webster said:

    Oh Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! This made my day!! So glad that she’s doing better, and I hope that it only gets better from here on!!! All of us from the Rochester PRC keep her in our thoughts!! Keep being fantastic Anne!!!!!

  3. Anonymous said:

    I am so happy to read this Chris. Does Moe know he belongs to Anne? I truly believe animals can be a fastline to the soul. I also agree with Anne that pitbulls have been abused and mistreated by humans and there are many who can be saved. I just would never have one with a small child as the possibility if a problem would be deadly. Does Anne need to take Moe to any classes? Let me know-maybe I can help a bit. Keep me posted please. Also I am interested in your art.
    Love ya, Diana

  4. Diana Dodson said:

    oops Anonymous is me. Did not write in my name

  5. Richard Kraft said:

    I am so glad you are feeling good, I hope you have more good days then bad. You did a great job at the choir concert you were in :). Your dog is so cute

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