A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Not good . . .

After doing so well, Anne has had some setbacks.  Some stomach problems, a flu bug, the J-tube ruptured . . .  it seems so discouraging.

Please pray and send her thoughts and words of encouragement and hope.


Comments on: "Not good . . ." (8)

  1. Oh Anne your poor girl…but your so strong sweetie prayers are being said for you and your family….God Bless You Dear….

  2. Moe and Lola said:

    Anne: I saw the comment from Paula Abdul regarding how much of an inspiration you were to her. Words are not available to express what an inspiration you have been for me and my wife. You are an amazing young lady. I pray that this very difficult and lengthy journey that you have been on will end soon with answers, healing, and a healthy happy you. Hang in there. Moe and Lola

  3. Anonymous said:

    Dearest Anne and family. I am praying for you all and Chris-check your email for private message. Love you Diana

  4. Anonymous said:

    Dear Annie….we continue to pray for your return to good health soon! Dalton says…”Hi Anne! I hope you are feeling better soon! Can’t wait to play with sidewalk chalk with you at the kite fest this summer!” The Rouses

    • I can not wait either(: I know I’ll be better by then, I gotta be. Tell everyone I say hey and miss them all

  5. Richard Kraft said:

    I am so sorry to hear you are more sick again 😦 I hope you feel better soon I hope you get rid of the flu bug fast and they get that tube fixed. You are a true fighter

  6. Lauren Laub said:

    So sorry to see these posts. I heard of your illness 10 years ago, from my daughter Dustie Laub. She told me what a sweet little girl you were when she met you. You probably dont remember her as you were so young. She was engaged to your Uncle Tim, before she died. I remember her wishing she could spend more time with you when you weren’t feeling well. Know that you touched her life with your strength and bravery. Hope they quickly find a way to improve your health and daily living.

  7. Hello Anne and family,
    I am so sorry you are not doing so well. Those times are hard, but know that my family and I are praying for you. I know you will overcome this and kick this illness in the butt. You are so strong, and always remember to keep faith. Your strength is inspiring. You always inspire me to keep going!
    Call or text me anytime.
    Love and prayers,


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