A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Anne continues to get better each day.  She is still, however, mostly dependent on tube feeding.

She ate nine shrimp yesterday! And then she met Paula Abdul.  Ms. Abdul has suffered from chronic pain and told Anne that she is an inspiration to her.


It is hard to say when Anne will be well enough to go home.  Maybe in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Chris is heading home.   Well, not really home for long.  He flies back today, but will then move straight to Bismarck for the start of the legislative session.




Comments on: "Paula Abdul, Shrimp, and One Heading Home" (4)

  1. Emily Webster said:

    Go Anne!!!!! =D

  2. Richard Kraft said:

    That is really cool you got to meet Paula Abdul, Wow it is great to hear you got to eat shrimp. Anne- you are an inspiration to a lot of people. You are a fighter

  3. Anonymous said:

    Woo! Hoo! How cool Anne got to meet Paula! Please tell Chris if he needs anything while he is in Bismarck….let us know….he has our number! Dan will look for him in the halls of the capitol!
    The Rouse Family

  4. Diana Dodson said:

    First, so happy you could eat something yummy and how sweet of Paula Abdul to support you. Very nice. Hope this note finds you all well in this should be blessed New Year

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