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Moment of Prayer Scheduled


For Immediate Release

Date:  October 17, 2012

Contact:  Margo Haut 269-2741

Lisa Johnson 320-1187

Nellie Degen 320-5440

Bonnie Laber 269-4210

We invite everyone in the Jamestown & surrounding community to join together on October 21st at 11:30am in a moment of prayer and special thoughts for 15 year old Anne Dodson, daughter of Chris and Rosalie Dodson. This is the greatest gift we can all do for one another. We appreciate your prayers at home or at your church. Area churches have been asked to support this time and date in their worship services.

Anne continues to suffer from a chronic illness. This illness has escalated that it has prevented her from attending school this year. She is very frail at this time. This illness has caused numerous hospital visits on a regular basis. Anne has had 5 surgeries, been in 9 different facilities in 7 states this past year. We appreciate your prayers for Anne and her family.

We appreciate those who are supporting us and those that have contacted us in their support and participation.  They are:  First United Methodist, the State Hospital Chaplaincy ministry, Concordia, Grace Episcopal, St. James Basilica, St. Margaret’s Buchanan and the Fargo Diocesan Office.  We look forward to hearing from other area churches and groups that will join in this special event.  If you would like to participate contact Bonnie Laber at 252-0119 or 269-4210 or at parish@csicable.net

*It is our understanding this is the first out reach of prayer as a whole Stutsman County Community for a young person that has been done.

October 17, 2012


Comments on: "Moment of Prayer Scheduled" (4)

  1. Anonymous said:

    I’ll be praying from Santa Rosa, California.

  2. Richard Kraft said:

    Anne, We are going to be saying extra prayers for you. I am sad to hear that you are still very sick.

  3. Sr. Shawna said:

    Anne, I’ve been praying for you. On Wednesday our high school youth prayed the rosary for you. They are asking about you and pray for your healing.

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