A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Rough and Busy Week

Anne has had a rough and busy week.

Monday a.m: Drive to Fargo (100 miles) to catch plane to Cleveland.  Her condition: sick.

Monday afternoon: Arrive in Cleveland.  Still sick.

Monday night: Very sick at hotel.

Tuesday: Visit to the Cleveland Clinic as a preliminary visit for its pain rehabilitation clinic.  Conclusion: She is too underweight and undernourished to participate in the program.  (Not surprising since she has not eaten anything for several weeks.  it would have been nice to had known the criteria before we flew the three of us to Cleveland and back.)

Tuesday afternoon: Take cab from clinic to airport and wait for plane. Still sick.

Tuesday evening: Fly back to Fargo.  Sick the whole time.

Tuesday night: Drive back to Jamestown. Arrive about midnight.

Wednesday: Wake up and drive to Fargo for another appointment.  Gets very sick on drive back. Up all night.

Thursday: Drive back to Fargo for a “nerve block.”  Sick the whole time.  We thought it was a short procedure. We get there and find out that it was not scheduled for that day and would take much longer.  The doctor, however, graciously squeezed us in. (How often does that happen?)

On the way, we get a call and are told that Anne’s potassium is too low.  At first they told us that she needs to take potassium pills every four hours.  We had to explain that she can’t take anything, which is why her potassium is low.  Solution: after the nerve block procedure she will need to go to the ER and get it by IV.

Thursday afternoon: Anne has the nerve block procedure.

Thursday evening: Anne stays at the Fargo hospital for observation and to get the potassium.

Thursday night: Drive back to Jamestown.  Anne is still sick.  Arrive about midnight.

Friday early hours: Anne in severe pain.  No sleep.

Friday 6:00 am. Wake up and drive to Jamestown hospital for surgery.  Anne gets a J-tube so she can receive food and hydration directly.  All the time before and after the surgery she is in severe pain.  After the surgery she has double the pain – the normal pain and the surgery pain.

Saturday early hours: Anne finally falls asleep.


Comments on: "Rough and Busy Week" (2)

  1. Dear Chris, I am so baffled by all of this. It is hard to believe they can’t solve this puzzle.
    I am praying. I hope after February I can donate a bit. Blesses and thanks for updates. Diana

  2. Stay Strong Anne!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!

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