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Five Weeks – No Answers

We’ve been at the Mayo Clinic for five weeks and really don’t have any answers.

Anne has one more appointment scheduled today.  If nothing new comes of that, we will head home.

In the meantime, she is very sick (severe pain and vomiting for the last 24 hours.)  We may have to drive home with her in that state.  Unlike in North Dakota, the Mayo System will not admit her to the hospital just because she is very sick.  It does not matter if she is dehydrated, vomiting blood, and has had no sleep for days.  We went through a similar period last week.  She had to suffer at the Ronald McDonald House until it passed (six days.)


Comments on: "Five Weeks – No Answers" (5)

  1. Susan Cline ( formerly Susan Gilbert) said:

    Hi Chris,

    We have been traveling in North Dakota this week, and I’ve been thinking about your family. I’m so sorry to hear about Anne. As a pediatric nurse, it troubles me deeply that she is still suffering. I wish that there was something I could do to help. Mike and I are praying that she will find relief and healing. We are in Fargo on our way to Minneapolis to fly home tomorrow. Where in ND do you live?

  2. Diana Dodson said:

    Hi Chris and Rosie. I have no words for you. How long can you stay at Ronald Mc Donald house? Are you able to work? Let me know what is happening. Maybe Tim or your mom would get in touch with me as well. Love you. Diana

  3. Again words cannot soothe your broken hearts. I am so so sorry for all of you and your family. All I can keep thinking is how the Lord tests our faith. Prayers are being said from so many that care and love you. And we will never stop praying Christopher.

  4. Richard Kraft said:

    Anne, I am so sorry you are still very sick. Our whole family has been praying for you every day. We all hope you feel better soon. Our thoughts are with you.

  5. Hope Annie is feeling better. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

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