A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Well, the surgery to get a new port did not go well.

The old port – the one that got infected – was on her left side.  Since that port was removed, she has been receiving nutrition/hydration, medicine, etc. through a picc line on her right side.  It goes in her arm, up around the shoulder to a main artery, which is where the new port would go.  So what they do is pull back the picc line so that the end is more toward the arm so they have access to the area to put in a new port.  Once the new port works, they remove the picc line completely.

That is what is supposed to happen.  Here is what happened:

The picc line was pulled back and they started to try a new port, but for some reason it did not work.  So the surgeon tried the other side, which was already less likely because a port had already been there.  That did not work.  The surgeon had to give up.

At this point the normal procedure would be to replace the picc line until they can try through another procedure, I think using internal ultrasound, to get the port in.  But before they proceeded with replacing the picc line, they found what looked like a needle in the area that had been worked on. Everything was put on hold so they could remove the needle.

It turned out that the “needle” was actually a stray piece of plastic underneath the gauze bandage.  Okay, all ready to go, right?  No.  The ultrasound machine they need to replace the picc line broke.

So, this morning Anne was transferred to Fargo where they will put her under again to try a port with working equipment.

She has been sick off and on, but it is not clear if that is because of her underlying problems or the anesthesia.



Comments on: "Port – fail Picc – fail Off to Fargo" (2)

  1. Richard Kraft said:

    I am so sorry your surgery didn’t work and you have to go have another one. I hope when you get to Fargo that they don’t come into any more problems. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Tony & Cathy said:

    Read this one to Mom. Told her we needed to read it together to get it straight. Hope the events in Fargo have been productive. Equipment failure is always a possibility but it is hard to believe that these pieces all keep falling against her.
    Love and prayers.

    Daryl was in Fargo last weekend, but the last news is from the 21st and said he is at home now.

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