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Procedure Done, Now Watch

We have not posted in the last few days because so much was happening.  After arriving in Jackson, there was confusion among the medical people and lots of waiting by Anne and Rosi.  Apparently, there were some who were not expecting her and wanted to wait until the following week.  So most of Tuesday was waiting around and straightening things out.

On Wednesday she had some tests and we found out that the gastric pacemaker would only be temporary and, if it worked, she would have to get a permanent one elsewhere.  On Wednesday night she became so sick that she was admitted to the hospital.

Despite her being sick, they went ahead with the procedure on Thursday.  Normally, they wait and see if the pacemaker prevents another episode.  The problem here, however, is that she is an episode right now.

What happens if it works and how we get a permanent one is not clear.


Comments on: "Procedure Done, Now Watch" (2)

  1. Tony & Cathy said:

    We were glad to see your post on the 23rd. We are glad the first procedure is done. Have a peaceful Christmas in the Peace of Christ.

  2. Richard Kraft said:

    Anne, I am hoping you are feeling better

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