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Leaving Today

Anne and Rosi leave today for Jackson, Mississippi.  We will drive to Fargo.  From there they will take a plane to Minneapolis and then another to Memphis.  In Memphis they will rent a car and drive the 200 miles to Jackson, Mississippi.

Tomorrow Anne will start the process for receiving a gastric pacemaker at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  They will be in Jackson until December 29.

This means, of course, that the family will be apart for Christmas (and Chris and Rosi’s anniversary), but that is the way it goes.

Basically, a gastric pacemaker uses electrical stimulation to control how the stomach reacts, although it is thought that the stimulation acts upon the neural system rather than the stomach directly. The procedure has mostly been used successfully on patients with gastroparesis, which is different than cyclic vomiting.  However, the procedure has sometimes been successful with CVS patients, especially those whose episodes have “coalesced” to such an extent that the whole system is affected.

The doctor in Jackson has performed the procedure with CVS patients.  The insurance company approved it late Friday and he texted Saturday morning to say to get her in this week.  I think he was prepared to do it the following week, but the other doctors involved thought that she should not wait.

Let’s pray it works.

In the meantime, the good news is that Anne has gone almost three days without getting sick. She was able to see some friends, enjoy her cousins, get some homework done, buy a dress, go to church, and receive a blessing from Father Bitz.  If she is going to get sick again soon, we hope it is after she arrives in Jackson.

Healthy Anne with her cousin, Lily.


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  1. Richard Kraft said:

    Have a safe trip. Hopefully you will get to comeback with the best Christmas present of them all. I am hoping your surgery goes great and that you won’t have to be sick any more.

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