A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.


Anne continues to improve.  She is not yet on a full diet, but has not been sick for days.  If all goes well, we hope she can go home next week.  The doctor does not want to push things, though.

Rosi had to head back to North Dakota yesterday for work and other things.  That leaves just me and Anne in Missouri for Thanksgiving.

So many patients have been discharged that they combined the pediatric and adolescent units, requiring Anne to move out of what has been her room for the last month.

Speaking of a month passing, we reached the maximum number of consecutive days at the Ronald McDonald House and I had to move to a motel.  Thankfully, it is across the street from the hospital since I also do not have a car.

Thus, the Dodson family will not be together this Thanksgiving for the first time.  Anne and Chris are at a hospital room in Missouri.  Rosi is working at the state hospital at in North Dakota.  John is on-call to work.  Tom is the only one at home.

Nevertheless, our spirits are good and we have much for which to be thankful to our Lord.

For one thing, Anne is doing better and despite the days and days of sickness we are thankful that, as horrible as constant vomiting is, she does not have something worse.

We are thankful for the doctors, nurses, and staff that have treated and cared for her.  We are thankful that we are blessed with good health insurance.

We are thankful that God has blessed us with jobs that allow us the flexibility to leave for such long periods of time.  We are thankful that, in addition to good health insurance, our jobs have provided us with a security that too many in our world lack.

We are thankful that God prepared us in matters of law, health care, and lobbying so that we could apply those skills to helping Anne get what she needs.

We are thankful that John and Tom have reached a level of self-reliance that they could be left alone for so long. We are thankful to Tom for keeping the house in order.

We are thankful for all the family and friends that have helped us emotionally, financially, and in so many other ways through this ordeal.  We are thankful for all those, many of whom we have never met, who have included Anne and our family in their prayers.  Indeed, prayers have been said for Anne as far away as Rome and the Holy Land.

Rosi and I are thankful that God gave us each other. We cannot imagine how we would have handled this without each other.

And though we are forced apart this Thanksgiving, we thank the Lord for our family.

We especially give thanks to God for all these blessings and to the Son, whose death and resurrection gives meaning and sense to all these trials, suffering, and separations.  Christ is among us and we are never alone.



Comments on: "Thanksgiving" (3)

  1. Your an amazing family Christopher…I am so happy for Anne’s good days…Have a wonderful Thanksgiving….

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you all…where ever you are…ND or MO! We hope you all are back in ND for the KiteFest! Happy thoughts to Anne on a quick recovery! The Rouse Family!

  3. Richard Kraft said:

    We are glad Anne is doing better, hopefully she will get to come home soon. We are glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Hopefully your whole family will be together again soon.

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