A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Anne has been doing fine.   If she continues to do well she may go home soon.

She is no longer connected to any tubes and can get up and around.  She is trying to do school work.

Anne’s aunt Sandra is German and with the use of Skype they were able to go over Anne’s German assignments.

We had a tutor connected to the Jefferson City School District come in and help her with Algebra.  The Columbia School District would not provide anyone, even if our school district paid for it.  Thanks goes out to Mike Hoey, the director of the Missouri Catholic Conference, for placing some calls and getting that done.

Mike and his wife also came up from “Jeff City” and took us to dinner.

Thanks also goes out to Joel Melarvie, chancellor of the Bismarck Diocese, who made some calls to make sure that an Eucharistic Minister visited Anne.  Speaking of the Bismarck Diocese, on Wednesday we learned that Pope Benedict appointed Msgr. David Kagen of Rockford, Illinois as the new bishop of that diocese, which means that he is also Chris’ new boss (along with Bishop Aquila.)




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