A place to find out where Anne is and how she is feeling. Goal: Make this blog obsolete.

Heading to UM

Anne is heading  by ambulance to the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  This is her second trip there this month. Let’s pray that they provide some answers this time.


Comments on: "Heading to UM" (2)

  1. I’m continuing to pray hard! Tell her we’re thinking about her! If you guys need my help at all, don’t hesitate to call and I’ll try my best to be out there!

  2. Bonnie Laber said:

    Dear Sweet Anne, I continue to pray for you to feel the LORD’S STRENGTH and HEALING touch and the COMFORT and PEACE from our Blessed Vigin Mary. I pray also for your mom as she is always by your side that she too may feel the LOVE & STRENGTH of our heavenly family. I pray the HOLY SPRIT will give KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM to your doctors that they can find a lasting remedy to your condition.
    I hope we can all pray a prayer of THANKSGIVING for prayers answered because your health is finally & completly restored SOON!

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